luis hampshire - 26 Sep 2001, 20:07.02
Location/Country: mexico
Hello playmoville: i'm a mexican artist that had been working with playmobil's characters for quite a bit. what i do is basically overpose playmobil's figures over famous paintings such as, la gioconda, las meninas, etc.

Jorge - 16 Jun 2001, 19:41.57
Location/Country: Brazil
I'm a brazilian playmobil collector and I'd like to invite everyone to the discussion list in YahooGroups. Just send and e-mail to and you're in!

viko - 07 May 2001, 08:01.45
Location/Country: austria
Hello, i m glad that i have found your nice pages. i m viko from austria and send greetings to you and all your guest. i have plamo-photo-story pages and i m searching for somebody who can help me with translation into japanese.

viko - 17 Apr 2001, 10:56.56
Location/Country: austria
hellooo. i´m viko (the playmobilcollector) and i found your nice site in collectobil. you have a great design and much informations about playmobil - thank you , have a good day and greetings from austria (i hope you understand my not perfect english)

judes crow - 20 Mar 2001, 05:49.36
Location/Country: Totnes Devon England
I've just started 'collecting' playmobil and would like to know of any sites/persons with links, places to buy etc.

Yah - 25 Feb 2001, 14:50.02
Location/Country: Chicago, USA
Great site! Hope to trade. Check out the Yahoo Playmobil Club Keep the faith! Playmobil forever! Thanks again for the site!

Gabenot Bernard - 12 Jan 2001, 14:30.20
Location/Country: 28500 LURAY / FRANCE
Congratulations for your site, very nice. I' ll come back several time!

Kristy - 03 Dec 2000, 13:23.22
Location/Country: Arkansas
Hello, Nice site. I am completely apalled that the playmobilcentral site is being harassed by the German company. It is a wonderful site and needs to survive to help all the playmobil collectors out there. I am a playmobil retailer and we are still selling via the internet. However, you still have to give us a call or fax to order.

Joshua - 29 Nov 2000, 23:04.55
Location/Country: U.S.A.
Please help us to keep "Playmobil Central" on the internet! Write to PLAYMOBIL telling them your concerns on this matter, only together can we save this great web page.

Richard Silvano - 24 Nov 2000, 17:03.11
Location/Country: TEXAS
'A DAY THAT WILL LIVE IN INFAMY' Today Playmobil closed down Bart De Smet's excellent collector's site claiming that he needed "permission." Since when do we need "permission" to collect Playmobil?

Denise Harville - 18 Nov 2000, 03:58.05

Oliver Deeg - 09 Nov 2000, 10:17.01
Location/Country: Freiburg, Germany
Fine Site! It is such a good feel to realize: I am no alone with my playmomaniac... Have a look at my site. Keep going!

jerry bloomberg - 27 Oct 2000, 08:51.29
Location/Country: Cedarhurst NY USA
We are one of the few websites left that are selling playmobil in a two stage operation Playmobil has asked us not to do point & click so credit card infomation must be called or faxed in.

Joshua - 27 Sep 2000, 20:25.29
Location/Country: U.S.A
I have made a couple of animated playmobil films using my western sets and my home camera, I am designing a website where you can view these movies and more as well as my huge Western Train layout! Stay tuned for more....

Joshua - 27 Sep 2000, 15:46.06
Location/Country: U.S.A
I just talked to Playmobil and it is true, they are going to release an ultimate catalog featuring every set they have ever offered! They said it should be out around the middle of next year.

Benjamin Beytekin - 18 Sep 2000, 09:52.12
Location/Country: Germany
Wow! Many thanks to Claudia who tell me that page!!! It's great to make a fan site for all the playmobilists. I missed such a long time and I miss that in Germany. This site can be with the help of all the number one of a Playmobil fan site.

Joshua - 15 Sep 2000, 04:29.21
Location/Country: U.S.A
Hey good website, I have a pretty major collection of the western sets and I plan to build a huge train layout with the town and the Indians and soldiers everything! It is going to take me a while, but when I get it set up maybe I could send in.

Fernanda - 01 Sep 2000, 08:15.26
Location/Country: Brazil
Congratulations on this wonderful site! I was beginning to think there were no Playmobil fan sites whatsoever when I cam across yours. I'm working on a complete catalog myself (I'm trying to put up together everything that has ever been released)

Bart - 07 Aug 2000, 12:07.10
Location/Country: Belgium
What a nice surprise. I really tought I was the only one mad enough to host a site about Playmobil. Guess I am proven wrong here. Maybe we can join forces?

Richard Silvano - 29 Jul 2000, 18:05.11
Location/Country: TEXAS
I'm very curious about how you got started with your site and what your future plans are. It looks like a great start for a much needed Playmobil collectors' site. I'll be watching with interest.

Adriana - 17 Jul 2000, 06:53.36
Location/Country: Portugal
Hi there, very nice site. The layout looks good and there's already lots of info. Keep up the good work!

Minerva - 12 Jul 2000, 08:26.05
I feel a lil bit lost here...but hey, during the last few months I learned (greetings my Queen and my Princess :)) to appreciate the specialness of the different Playmobil themes. Playmobil rules !

RiverRat - 12 Jul 2000, 07:10.38
Location/Country: USA
Very nice site!

Johann - 22 Feb 2000, 15:36:54
Location/Country: UK/Germany
Hi, this looks great. I hope that you'll continue building this site. Just one idea: You could create links directly to the different catalogues on the playmobil-site. That would save trouble as the navigation there is horrible (Don't you think?!). And - may be - a link to the ebay playmobil auctions. Or are you going to create an auction here? Are you planning to create a complete listing with photos of playmobil old and new? I could probably help in that providing some scans and help search for old catalogues (They are sometimes available in Auctions in Germany.). I've heard a rumour that playmobil is planning to publish a complete catalogue some time soon ;-). Good luck and cheers, Johann

susansklar - 13 Feb 2000, 11:17:59
Location/Country: USA, but I visit Netherlands!!!!!
I want to trade in my Fisher-Price collectables for Playmobile toys. Also Is there a basic house, basic school, other basics of a child's life?

Ronald de Vries - 01 Feb 2000, 06:49:03
Location/Country: the Netherlands
Welcome on the World Wide Web Your Majesty. May You rule this site forever.... :-)

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