Series 2, available August 2020 (with no time for wallets to recover!), is about Edwina's dream in the comic world...

Again, there are the five main characters (in the stupid packages), and the surprise series:

The leaflet for series 2 is about the same as the previous one - it has the surprise series and the main characters... but there is an improvement: the figures fit in half the thing.

Again, it sucks that we can't see the contents - how are people to know what they want? Again, one of the highlights of the surprise boxes (the best one) is not shown - those colorful froggies = - same goes for the colorful animals of the main ones - same animals, different colors.

(I will repeat these in the Surprise Series review)

Again, there are cards and stickers for all sets. And a sticker book. I will add it when/if I get my grabby hands on it.

Queen Tahra, August 2020

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