70389 Surprise Box


1. Mrs. Ice-Clown

Clearly a clown. Since we couldn't figure out what to do with the parts anyway... Just changed the hair, since it's new (in that color), or at least uncommon, and it really doesn't work well with the neckpiece anyway.

2. Lady Nightmare

She will join the vampires in her original state.

3. Mrs. Milkshake

Ignoring the skateboard, she makes a beautiful waitress.. Though the shorts are not only mostly inappropriate but also highly wasted under the skirt. So, just replaced them with other legs with small flat shoes.

And she got a friend.

4. Mr. Cookie Bear

Though the colors are nice (brown = gorgeous!), I have problems reusing the legs and arms. Anyway, as is, except the hair, since light brown is still kinda rare at the moment, and under that bear mask.. well..

Maybe he will get a female friend later. Or maybe not...

5. Kimby + 6. Karmela

Well, I really like the torsos and the ballerina legs. Since Karmela's torso is a match for Kimby's legs and skirt, there, a pretty lemony ballerina. Maybe it's a fruity ballet?

The rest.. parts. Those heeled legs are unfortunate. I suppose they will look great under a long dress . The other torso is pretty. We will see. Speedos are not very easy to work with, since there are very few parts and less options, compared to normal klickys. And can I mention the gendered arms? (no, not over it! )

7. Mr. Chocolicious

Original, with another hair + beard to hide that dirty mouth and most of the neckpiece. And no bracers! Maybe a Smarties seller?

Also, the obvious one - a clown!

8. Mr. Rides

The klicky is obviously fit for the circus... hair excepted.. So, just a different hair and no gloves.

9. Mrs. Bubble Gum

Well, maybe a jogger, or someone working out. Just left the skirt and hat for someone else - maybe a(nother) candy seller... And of course the original hair belongs to a merperson, most likely.

10. Mr. Dentist

A nice colorful dentist (not that we realy NEED more). Elton John custom to follow.

11. Toothache

For lack of alternatives... another clown, original.

12. Balloon Lady

Original, just a (recent) klicky in a fancy colorful dress - ou a balloon seller. Or a lollypop seller - that'd be awesome.

Queen Tahra, April 2020

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