70389 Surprise Box

(part 2/3)

5. Kimby

Note that the leaflet calls her "Kimberly"..

New mushrooms, and those lemon slices are awesome, though I am not sure what for yet.

The head is new, I believe, with the brows and the bright red mouth. And the hair is gorgeous (not a fave sculpt, but.. odd colors always welcome).

6. Karmela

I have a hard time telling them apart

I will repeat myself: New mushrooms, and those lemon slices are awesome, though I am not sure what for yet.

Same goes for the head (new) and hair (awesome weird color)...

7. Mr. Chocolicious

Gorgeous colors, but the dots kinda spoil it. Also, WHY must he be a fat dwarf? We got our share of gorgeous fat dwarf legs with the Dragon sets , no more needed, thank you.

The head is a bit.. yucky, like that one from the ghostbusters' guy.

The hat is only printed on the front, which is weird.

The chocolate is great, and new, I think (at least around here!), and the single piece is even better! Also, his cupcake is by far the nicest. (yes, I like chocolate )

And he brought a bagged, rubberbanded... brown splat...

So... how's Mrs. Chocolicious like? A brownish female dwarf? Want.

8. Mr. Rides

The klicky is also (too) colorful, but I believe the head is new, and so is the hair - in gold! It's gorgeous (the mummies will go nuts when they see it!)

The trunk in green is at least not common, and I think both the keys and hat are new in these colors (though that hat will be a bit hard to use, unless it's cleaned).

The cards also came bagged AND with a rubberband.

And, best for last: the pink rat is, if not THE highlight of the whole surprise series, at least one of them

I wonder if Mrs. Rides also has a beautiful colorful rat. I hope so!

Queen Tahra, April 2020

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