70389 Surprise Box

(part 3/3)

9. Mrs. Bubble Gum

A pretty klicky, with that newer skintone (not easy for customs at this point). That blue ponytail is gorgeous

Unfortunately, the shoe print is really off :

I think it would be better to just not do it.

The sticker for the bag is fugly - didn't use it.

There were also some bagged and rubberbanded bits with this one:

No idea what the loose balls are supposed to be .. Guess we'll assume the yellow ones are tennis balls... and the others.. overgrown bubblegum?

The bubblegum machine is REALLY great though... A wonderful addition to the playmoworld...

Looking forward to meeting Mr. Bubblegum.

10. Mr. Dentist

The Elton John head is nice. But not for a dentist.. We should also get a Mrs. Dentist (eek)

For some reason, he has a small hat and the steampunk goggles (whatever they are), always welcome

He has some fancy equipment.. bagged and rubberbanded...

One must wonder what's with playmobil and rubberbands... Then again, playkingdoms' old indians appreciate the thought.

11. Toothache

This one defies logic.. The silly jammy is clearly recent, so not one for the zombies...

If he had a normal skincolor, it would be a really great modern klicky.. with questionable taste in sleeping attire . With the green skin, those parts are almost useless, unless one is planning a just-out-of-bed alien.... Plus the head is the cheaply printed kind, so can't even fix that.

He does have another tasty piece of chocolate...

12. Balloon Lady

Besides being the chase figure, there is nothing special about her - except the hair! Though she is a nice klicky in a dress. And the balloons are a good addition, and make for variety.

As you can see, the yellow balloon string was missing.

Queen Tahra, April 2020

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