70478 Surprise Box


1. Erazorman

Original. Handmelon is a single sport here, out of necessity (as are most others as well ).

2. Karmela

Almost original - just a different head and hair. There is a small group of cheerleaders on playkingdoms

3. Mrs. Unicorn

The immediate plan was to make two knights from the hats. I got two of those shields since the pics first appeared... Though it is not a perfect match, I think it's the best option now.... Those colors are hard as Tartarus to match. Had to clean both torsos.

Then, since the horsetail belt fits so nicely (and we had absolutely NO IDEA what to do with the torso and the original legs anyway ), a lady doing... something. Maybe a mascot for something, or a promotion... We'll see.

4. Kimby

Same as Karmela, just a different head and hair.

5. Mr. Fastfood

Just a different head and hair.

6. Color Helper

A recent klicky from the nice torso... and a short.. paint salesman? And colorfur froggies, of course.

7. Lady Nightmare

Always figured the torso could be used like this. The skirt, no idea. And the birdie, naturally.

8. Colorfighter Lady

We thought a biker/pilot would do well with those arms and legs, and I imagined a puffy jacket would fit well with them as well. The original torso makes for a nice recent klicky.

9. Mrs. Pencil

Well, these were the double plans we had as soon as the pics showed up. She REALLY looks to be in a yellow raincoat. Shame the hat doesn't exist (afaik) in yellow, or the matching pink.

The guy is just a simple old klicky, with a strong color

10. Graffiti Skater

Just two recent klickys.

11. Justin Time

As planned, he lost the cape, and I though the silly face and ridiculous hair combo was a bit much. So, changed the hair

12. Colorista

Just used a common hair, since hers is unique.

There WILL be an odd, colorful viking from that shield.

Update: there is a viking from the shield. I suppose this is Sven Tomé.

Queen Tahra, August 2020

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