70478 Surprise Box

(part 1/3)

1. Erazorman

He has really pretty colors, and can easily make for a nice handmelon player in his original state.

The shoulder pads are printed in front - nice.

The ball melon has a new print (matching the klicky). Not half as pretty as the usual one, with the playmoface, of course, but.. variety and all

The helmet is new, I think? With holes for those pretty pretty wings.

Amêndoa was particularly fond of the helmet, while helping me with the review pics.

2. Karmela

Gorgeous new hair color, though the sculpt is not my favorite (a shame, considering the great new colors for this particular hair type these series provide!)

Though I don't love them, the ballet skirt has a nice print.

The hand thing is nice - in a silly way , like the one in the figures (Series 18 Boys #4).

3. Mrs. Unicorn

Really weird, but plans existed as soon as we saw that hat! The horse tail is somewhat more challenging.

The horn is the same as existing unicorn horns, so.. easy to change (variety!)

The little hearts are... interesting... cute... and klickys hold them. Which means a klicky can give their heart to another now , I guess. And the tail does fit almost perfectly with the half printed belt...

There should be a Mr. Unicorn. Will fix - kinda.

4. Kimby

Again, same as Karmela. Another gorgeous hair color (different blonde)...

I prefer this skirt to the ballet one.

The pompoms are beautiful (yellow and all... everyone knows I love yellow, right? ).

Queen Tahra, August 2020

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