70478 Surprise Box

(part 2/3)

5. Mr. Fastfood

He looks nice, though the mouth... meh. Makes him look dumb. But, then again, variety and all - could be useful to detwin a 30 strong legion, right?

The hat is great - actually, the whole uniform is quite beautiful. It will NOT be hidden under that selling thing - which is new in this color, btw.

No idea why the guy has two watches (actually, there were three, but I assume that one was an "extra")

That hair really needs a big beard, imo - but that's easy to fix, AND I believe it's new in that color, so.. WIN.

6. Color Helper

The legs defy reason, but the torso + arms are quite nice. So is the jacket (new color, possibly - and certainly new with the print).

The hair and beard are a new color, which is always a good thing.

The paint bucket is nice, but the inside paint with a hole in it = meh...

And.. of course... the colorful froggies = ... Making this guy the highlight of the series.

7. Lady Nightmare

Boggles mind. What's THAT supposed to be? What can be done with those parts?! Tricky. Except the arms... those baggy sleeves in black...

The umbrella was a big surprise... looks like a BIG BIG bird ate something odd and took a HUGE dump on it.

She brings a swallow. Nice, and welcome, but a wasted opportunity - she should bring a normal birdie... in black! That'd be awesome!

She has the best sticker... well... the least ugly. Equally useless.

8. Colorfighter Lady

The dumbest name, I suppose. The helmet is interesting (same mold as the firefighter one) - but the print is... not great. I think it's the eyes that bother me, and the fact that it is opaque.

She has a big big weird equipment... The hose (gorgeous in orange) doesn't really fit, or I am just hapless with it.

I was struggling with which side to use where (since it doesn't really settle well either way).. THEN I saw there are instructions on the back of the sticker By then I had assembled the thingamajig, so just saw which end of the hose went where.. still doesn't fit too well.

And since she has that extra sticker, the rubberbands were used to damage them (pic on the series page).

Queen Tahra, August 2020

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