70478 Surprise Box

(part 3/3)

9. Mrs. Pencil

Another really silly one - what is THAT supposed to be?

Then again, plans existed from the moment we saw her... DOUBLE plans.

Gorgeous yellow... My excitement subsides when I realize she's a speedo, and so, available parts are seriously reduced Is this a good time to mention the stupidity of gendered speedo arms? . No, not over it.

The shorts seem a waste under there.... but the boots actually look good... we'll see.

A shame the skirt is one of those silicone ones - they don't really match the klickys properly (the color ends up being different), they attract every single speck of dust in a klick radius, AND I fear they won't last 40 years. I did manage to dress her without popping her - though I had to pop her for the final version...

The skirt has an "HB" - which being on a pencil (and even in the right colors!) immediately reminded me of this:

Of course, could also be Horst Brandstätter...

10. Graffiti Skater

LOVE the hair! That was really pleasant surprise.

The skate is great too (I am SO easy to playmoplease - just write "playmobil" on it, and there )

For some reason, I find the paint spray amazing! We need a dozen of these, in different colors... not sure what for, but... well... actually... there IS a graffiti wagon, right?

11. Justin Time

The colors are interesting... a beautiful torso (well, minus odd logo).

He is REALLY light on accessories. This is still an issue.

That roman cloak covering the pretty torso is so not happening!

12. Colorista

Nice name, considering how colorful she is! The hair color is new - a shame we can't get a dozen of it - variety.

The shield is nice - sir Puke-a-lot?

The sticker for the paint roller makes little sense, so... will not be using it.

The cape is, unfortunately, of the old hard plastic kind... I was saying "NOT gonna happen", since it's a new pretty color... but when I turned it around...

... well... guess it IS going to happen . Maybe the print is the reason for it to be the old hard plastic kind?

This was another victim of the stupid rubberbands - yay, ruin the chase sticker, why don't you?! (pic on the series page)

Queen Tahra, August 2020

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