70585 Surprise Box

(part 1/3)

1. Dancing Queen

I thought she was the same as Series 9, Girls #12. Samba Dancer... Only when trying to figure out the kept did it fully hit me that this one is dark tan. She is beautiful... and slighly more... modest: she has that teeny-weeny skirt The print colors are also slightly different.

The Dancing Queen has the same hat, but in a new color and print. Her shoes are also an improvement... Though far from being a favorite mold, they are.. well.. less ugly (a matter of taste, I think - I am not fond of high heels)

A real shame that the wings aren't different too - maybe just the print colors.

2. DJane

This one is the least nice. Maybe because I am definetely not fond of "DJs".

I don't like the necklace print, or the one on the cap - though being gold = variety!

I do love the records!

This is the only box that has instructions, for assembling the record thing.

Odd: she was misklicked - as you can see, she was already half popped. Saved me the trouble

3. Mrs. Stardust

No idea what she is supposed to be, but she is without a doubt the most original one!

The mostly transparent star and hat are... interesting. If the hat didn't match the star so perfectly, it would look great on clowns too.

4. Piano Lady

The chase figure... as mentioned, the charm is a golden microphone, instead of a golden note.

The arm printing is somewhat odd... And though the big skirt print can be a bit much, I think it works. She's nice.

(did everyone else see that in the leaflet pic, she has a right arm in place of her left one? )

Queen Tahra, February 2021

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