70585 Surprise Box

(part 3/3)

9. Ms. S. Tyler

Ok, my first thought was " what in Tartarus has Steven Tyler (the Demon of Screamin' himself), to do with these?!" Oh well. Took a while to make the "styler" connection. A long while. Ok, someone told me, after taking in the accessories.

The whistle is a complete mystery to me.

She does have nice colors, making a pretty klicky, though I find the hair a bit... overwhelming.

10. Mrs. Flower Power

She makes a nice hippie. I think it's best if I don't get into whatever those pills are supposed to be?

The light pink hair is gorgeous!

11. Sir Talk-a-lot

He is very.... golden. I find it a bit strange that he has a sax AND a microphone.

12. Popstar

She is a beautiful klicky - and that hair!!

This is the first skirt of this newer mold I got my hands on - it is gorgeous! I suppose she could also use a microphone stand?

Queen Tahra, February 2021

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