This is a Direct Service set.

The highlights of this family are definitely the man and the girl.

Regarding the accessories...

The stupid transparent staff with a gorgeous sculpt has blue endings. Looks great. Well, it would, if the rest wasn't transparent pink. Is it so hard to make that in BROWNISH?! It would be sooooo perfect!

There is a bit of orangish... kryptonite made for klickys to hold. No idea what it is, but it's shiny. I like it.

Also included are a flute and the silly transparent blue harp. I can make a store of them by now.

The man has those new "fairy shorts", in blue. Very nice. Than that wonderful waterish torso - screams MERMAN to me! - and matching caveman arms... He's great! Even the hair is new in this color, I believe. A wonderful klicky!

Unfortunately the woman is very known, in her socks... and with those... let's say not nice pink stripes. The torso is pretty, but again very common. And yet another ballerina skirt. It's not that she is not pretty, I believe it is more a matter of preference... The hair is great - I like both the sculpt and the color.

The girl has the same torso as the more recent egg (9208 - Gemstone Fairies with Cauldron) - unfortunately in the same color AND the same printing. Still.. we wanted repeats anyways. I like the pink hair... the legs... well, green shorts were overused for girl fairies, so I am somewhat sick of them... although they don't look bad at all.

The boy.. meh. He's also in shorts. Green shorts, though they are a different shade, so at least that. However, the torso is completely off for a fairy kid. IMO, of course. Besides off, the colors are also inappropriate here. It's more of a Space torso, I think. And then there's the head. I hate that head. For boys and girls. Needless to say, he'll pop.

The butterfly is not new - but welcome

The man also has the new neckpiece (made for speedo males, but oh well) in blue, matching the legs. It is great

Got two sets to begin with... One of the men had the arm misplaced: 3rd time this happens to me recently (though one of the sets had quite a few years). For me, not a problem, since I meant to pop one of them anyway - did you see that torso!?

So, a great set - I think I will need the guy again, at least

Queen Tahra, November 2017

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