The unicorn is a must have, being of the same color of the big horse of the previous fairies batch (5449 - Forest Fairy Surya with Horse).

The box is NOT empty!

I am afraid this review will be kinda lame...

The chariot's body has a dreadful color, way worse than the original weird green one (5446 - Butterfly Fairy with Unicorn Chariot), which was bad enough. I don't dislike the mold, but will need to (somehow) fix the color. Considering my lacking abilities with painting, it will take a good lonnnng time, so... (I didn't fix the greenish ones from the previous batch yet!)

Obviously, I am not going to assemble it if I mean to do something to it.. So, here's the thing:

The "harness" is pretty, in light green, and the wheels' color is far superior to the previous pink ones.

The stickers are... well.. Let's just leave it at fracking ugly. Fortunately, easily fixed!

The klicky is beautiful, and the unicorn is AMAZING.

This time, this was no surprise.. With the last batch, we feared the horsy was somewhat.. odd, with that color. That proved totally false. It is a gorgeous amazing color "in the plastic"

And the klicky... really pretty, in that darker skintone:

I love the wrist things in that color... and the odd staff in metallic pink is nice too.

The problem is that the fairy is the exact same as the 5208 - Take Along Unicorn Fairy Land. I don't understand this. What is so hard about doing different klickys for different sets!?

This is obviously not an issue for whoever doesn't have her..

The sculpt is the beautiful one with the hole in the back.. like I said, not a problem if you plan to use this sort of wings... but a pain otherwise.

Queen Tahra, September 2017

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