It is a good thing we favor weird colors

The box is not empty!


This set is quite like the previous two "fairy with big horsy" sets (5448 + 5449)... This one brings a dragonfly (not new).. and a blueish otert otter.

The reins are the same mold as those, but still in an odd color.

The horse looked absolutely gorgeous, and I got two to begin with. Learn and live - we had reservations with the purplish horse, and ended up getting a whole bunch, because they are really beautiful .

Unfortunately, both horses are misprinted:

As you can see above, there is also a smudge.. AND one of them has a completely loose neck .

In the meantime I got a 3rd set - also misprinted.

The horse is still beautiful though, and I wouldn't mind a couple more...

The blue otert, I mean otter, is also amazing!

The klicky is gorgeous, except that ridiculous habit of being in their socks. A real shame - to me, it kinda spoils the effect. I wish they'd given these klickys ballerina shoes, or something like that.

But the colors do work great together, with her tan skin and that hair.

Queen Tahra, September 2017

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