These Fairy Friends are the first sets in this sort of packaging (more details on the main Fairies 2017 page).

Purple owl and skunk! How do people come up with these!? Not a bad thing, I favor the animals (and klicky hair or skin!) in weird colors...

The vegetation is slightly larger here, maybe to accommodate a perch for the owl. I like it.

And details of the animals - just new colors:

The klicky... she is very color coordinated

The torso looks awesome, and there is that new kid neckpiece, this time in green - lovely!

The purplish wings work well too. As does the light pink flower hat.

This matches the skirt, another rubbery one, but in a different shape (very very gorgeous)...

This time the klicky has an accessory - a pink wand. Other than the color, it looks nice with the flowery end.

Unfortunately, like most of her grown companions, this little fairy is in her socks. WHY!? . I suppose growing up around such role models results in this.

Worse, the socks are those striped ones, that are not that great to begin with (though apparently are all the fashion among the fairies).

Well.. at least she'll fit right in.

Queen Tahra, September 2017

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