This one eluded me a few times, but I finally got my hands on it - got two of them, considering the kid!

That image is very creepy - what's with the fairy's feet!? Why are they in that impossible position?

I really don't care much for the new eggs. I find them big and uglyish, compared to the smaller printed ones that playmobil used to have.

The egg is a repeat - which means not to keep.

A great little set.

The white owl is not new - though very nice!

The adult fairy looks terribly familiar. Though she IS gorgeous.

A shame about that staff - perfect sculpt ruined with those weird colors (I know, I complain about it every single time).

The torso is that amazing sculpt with the stupid hole in the back:

And... well.. she did look familiar.. My first thought was the old fairy waterfall.. but then I remembered it couldn't be, since these torsos are much more recent.. A small exploration on the fairy tub...

No wonder she looked familiar.

The real highlight of the set is the kid. The girl is amazing! A real must, with that different torso that appeared first on an american carry case set, I think...

The little one's wings get a pinkish ting with the light - looks great!

And here's the new torso.. very very nice, shaped in a way that allows the kid to seat:

Also of note: elf feet!

The kid has a nice neckpiece for wings too, and the flower hat is sort of metallic pink, like the girl. Gorgeous.

The small wand is great. A shame it is not slightly thinner.

There's plenty of... yellow ambrosia to fill the cauldron! A very good thing.

The little vegetation thing is unusual, both the shape and even more the color. The flowers are also not common.

So, in all, a nice set - especially for those who don't have the fairy's close cousins - and with the gorgeous new kid (lots of great parts there!).

Queen Tahra, October 2017

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