My first reaction was... Blue?! It's blue! Why is it blue? I don't know why it's blue, but looked good in the pics.. except.. where is the rest of it? This lame tendency to have half (or less!) the buildings missing is really not welcome.

Right at the first pics, that golden dog, the gold scorpion and the dark skeleton immediately stand out. Oh, and the new spiders.

The "warning" says: Important for parents: Time required for assembly: about 90 minutes. No comment.

Box sides:

Opening the box...

The cardboard piece was a very nice idea - as you can see, it absorbed quite some damage.

Checking the (quite empty box), there is a HUGE part, the wall with the door and the top being one item. Scares me to think of how to put it away. And large paper parts too...

The bottom part is all "scratched":

Fortunately, it was packed upside down. I don't know if that was intentional, but it should be

So, got everything out... and considering those smaller (and scarier!) spiders... I decided to get the tweezers out.

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Queen Tahra, October 2016

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