This looked gorgeous from the first pic - and got two to start with

Box side (nice solution - she couldn't ride the horse :

Opening the box...

The box is not very empty, though I did manage to stuff both sets in one box, it did take a lot of messing.

Everything - a really nice set, well balanced.

The couple have a camel and a horse, and there is also a scorpion:

The klickys are new. And beautiful. Especially him. Here are the klickys from both sets:

He has a gorgeous printed necklace under the beard. The torso is also very unusual, and the legs have a nice print as well. AND he has dark blue bracers!

She could benefit from sandals, I think. Still a beautiful klicky - the torso is particularly striking, though it has that peg on the side. I don't much like it, since I find it quite useless for any weapons... Though it looks good with those stone age pouches, and the set even brings one! Also, I'm thinking it's probably easier to CUT that peg than to cover the "holster hole"...

As you can see from the above image, printing quality unfortunately is still lacking . Having the faces printed results in this sort of mess .

And from the back:

The camel has painted eyes, and the saddle and baskets are in different colors (camels from both sets shown!).

The horse is from the previous generation, in a pretty dark brown - not new (again, horses from both sets shown!).

No "empty pegs" here! And that ever useful BROWNISH pouch is amazing!

And the included "scenery":

The little base is new, and the well is dark, making for nice variation. The palm tree also has new "fruits"... Very nice.

As to accessories, mostly we get new colors.. except for that weapon. Here are the highlights:

The new weapon looks AMAZING.. as long as you don't touch it. It kinda bends if you look at it hard. Another new tendency that does not help. With flagpoles it gets hard to actually attach the flag. Did some idiot put out an eye with a dangerous playmospear?! Darwin Awards people! Let. Them.

That vase in blue with the gold design is also very welcome. We have loved those since we got our first desert set, way back when. (3931, in late 87? early 88? Something like that)

The camel saddle and baskets make for nice variation, color wise.

The sash is also gorgeous in grey, that turban in black is handy, and the bracers in dark blue could be very useful, since there is little variety (if we manage to get them in numbers, that is).

A very very nice set, in all

Queen Tahra, October 2016

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