These new soldiers seemed amazing right from the photos. The colors =

SOMEONE should watch where they stamp the boxes with those codes . And let us thank the Gods they didn't find BIGGER fracking logo for those sites, right?

Opening the box - we could probably fit another one there

And the full set:

The real shame is to have that thing in the set... should be a set apart, so we would have a set alike the previous one (4245), which was probably one of the best value/money sets EVER.

Not that the ballista is ugly - though I'd prefer it in browns instead of blue.

The only thing wrong is the projectiles - these are not meant to be a part of it - I mean, looks really silly to "store them" like that.

The flaming projectiles do look good, if not for their crossed shafts they'd make beautiful torches.

And yes, it shoots.

The new shields are gorgeous. Need me a couple dozens of them

The klickys are beautiful (duh, those colors!):

The pale yellow works great .. and those redbrown belts are also amazing!

I suppose the guy on the left would benefit from a belt as well, but that'd cover that pretty print...

Speaking of him - he has a twin guarding the pyramid. Why oh why?!

Of course, printing is the usual :

Not sure we will keep them like this... We do have an egyptian army already.

Anyway, I would like a bunch of those klickys.. but don't really need or want a bunch of ballistas.

Queen Tahra, October 2016

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