This is a great little set! Would be good to buy in numbers

Box is not full:

And here they are, all ready:

Looks great - and would look even better in a group of 5.. or 50..

I think a longbow doesn't work too well there, and there should be a place to put it.

The klicky is gorgeous - even with the girly hair and all!. I will say it again: these new colors work great, and also make for good variety.

The camel has painted eyes, and the saddle is a new color.

Details of that saddle, with those great new offensive golden spiky things on the side:

I'd like to have a few of those.. Like 40 or so

Also of note, the egyptian sword in dark metal - ok, need a few dozens of this too

A really awesome little set!

Queen Tahra, October 2016

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