Well, it IS different

Box sides:

The box is emptyish, but it has a cardboard form to keep the hull in place:

And everything:

There are quite a few accessories - supplies, extra weapons.. Not sure why the glasses.

The light brownish amphoras are GORGEOUS.

The klickys are unfortunately all previous versions , right down to accessories .

Not that the klickys aren't nice - they are VERY nice. AND none of them has THAT hair!

But this is almost ridiculous. And it plagues the WHOLE batch.

In this batch, the guy in the middle has THREE - yes, I said THREE twins:

There is the cloaked twin from the biga (5391) and TWO twins in the soldiers (5393).

I don't think this is acceptable. I do wonder if there is a reason for this. Even the 3 pack army builders were made like this... I suppose it's just an annoyance for those of us with no problem in popping them and the parts to detwin them (what? it's a word. Now.) But for a kid?! That would royally bother us when we were cubs.

Besides that, that guy could really use a neckpiece or a cloak (like his twin from the biga).

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Queen Tahra, October 2016

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