I almost didn't get it, since the only novelty is the shield, and playkingdoms' roman armies are strong.



A shame that two of them are lacking a neckpiece. Apart from that, they are well equipped.

I was surprised that those transparent bases were included. I suppose maybe they need a bit of support if they are to hold the shields up?

So, a nice army builder.. except... they have different uniforms. The hair is part of the uniform too, as the previous version. I wonder if other people don't find this.. odd.

See? Klickys minus shields:

All are repeats from the previous batch.

As to this batch... The twins with no neckpiece have a cloaked twin in the biga (5391) and another on the galley (5390). The triplets on this set (with THAT hair!) have an extra twin manning the ballista (5392).



The new shield is nice - has another handle:

In all, for those who need to fill out the ranks, this will definetely do nicely. It is a great set for that (after detwinning). For people who have the previous batch this only adds the shield..

Queen Tahra, October 2016

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