A nice little set, with some novelties. Got two to begin with.


And set up:

I believe it is a good value set. Three klickys, and quite a few accessories.

The klickys:

Unfortunately, the "chaperone" is very familiar, a repeat from the previous batch. With all the options they have... I don't understand. Since we have him already, and we're not overly fond of that neckpiece.. not keeping more.

Caesar, Julius Caesar... His torso is new - gorgeous print. But that ADORABLE roman RED cload kinda covers it. But it's sooo pretty. And THAT hair, of course (consider it GONE ).

Did I mention he has a roman cloak in red?

Cleopatra, nth version.. Radically different, using a non-sitting speedo body. Gorgeous really. Is this a nice time to again note the mess with the darn arms being fracking different!? I think so: A real shame the arms are fracking different! Because they are beautiful. Her dress is gorgeous too... and she has brown shoes. One could argue that she should have sandals.. But brown HEELED (why oh why?) shoes are better than gold heeled ones..

As you can see, the torso printig doesn't really align with the skirt's, in both klickys (from the two sets). Face printing could be better too.

Of note in the set, what I believe is an attempt at grapes. Unfortunately, they don't really look like grapes.

Compare with the gorgeous sylvanian version:

And with the real thing:

See? Doesn't really translate well.

Still, a nice little set - with the only roman that is not a repeat from the previous batch. The "chaperone" is great for parts (civillians!), and she is very pretty as well.

Queen Tahra, October 2016

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