So, first, clean the darn parts. FURIOUS.

I thought that with CIF and a cloth it would be doable.. well, it is, but hard, repeated scrubbing necessary. I ended up going for alcohol too - not so hard or so many passes needed. Mostly. Still..

Took me about 40 FRACKING mikes and a couple of sore fingers... for a brand new set in box.

So, finally, let's find out what's in the stupid bag...


Parts. Regular... normal... parts... so... WHY in Hades wasn't this bagged in the normal way?

BTW, the time mentioned in the silly warning in the box surely doesn't count this cleaning time.

Moving on......

There is a lot of stuff here.

First in the instructions.. blinkies. Not only there's one in the (gorgeous!) stone guardian, there is also that torch blinky-winky in the "building". Gah. I hadn't noticed this before (I rarely pay attention to these).

Seeing the system X plugs, I went through everything looking for the tool... There is no tool. WTF. I am less and less happy about this. How's about stop with the blinkies but include the tools?! So, got up, and went to get me one

I didn't think it "clicked" in place - the base is all hollow, and not sturdy enough for it, it just budges, I believe, and the plugs never really get properly in place.

The doors are not attached to anything, they just kinda slide in place...

Some parts were hard to assemble (especially the catapult on top), but it is very well made, things do work together and the result is beautiful.

So, here's everything..

Berk next...

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Queen Tahra, April 2018

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