So, let's take a closer look at Berk itself...

The green covered steps look great, and along with the wooden walkways this is a really eye pleasing structure.

Now, where to begin..

The crane is AMAZING. Gorgeous sculpt - I love it. I decided not to use the stickers on it... I believe it is quite perfect without them.

The crane can turn about too. And it has a great solution to wrap the rope and stick the end - very nice. This is an issue many times.

The (brown!) ring thing topping the crane looks awesome with the little colorful flags.

The catapult.. Interesting, and pretty, with the dragon heads on the side...

It reminds me of Gobber's catapult, but I think the only thing they have in common (sort of) are the dragonish decorations:

Though nice, I think the catapult is huge for the platform. How can someone load a stone to throw? The upper platform does turn about, which is great, though I would prefer a less offensive item there.

The catapult does not come off easily - a shame. I had serious problems getting it there in the first place. And note that on the 360o view of this set on playmobil's site, it is not properly attached to the base. At least I am not the only one.

The wood beam supporting the catapult platform is ugly and weird, when seen from behind. It should not be hollow like that if it's gonna face scrutinity, right?

The doors are beautifully detailed (and I love the rings, there and on the pier). The guardians on each side are very nice, and different from each other

Inside there is the usual trapdor (in stone color ) that can send unwanted (or distracted) visitors out to the cave under the ballista.

The little pier is gorgeous - and that ring!

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Queen Tahra, April 2018

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