The colors work wonderfully.

I love the fire holders - a wonderful little detail. I believe these were used before in a romanish setup. The fire itself is an old common one.

That little cave underneath is where the trapdoor victims end up.

The rocks have a place to sort of store the ballista ammo, but these look ridiculous, besides being on fire and all...

I really think the wooden climbing steps part is wonderfully done. I like it very much.

The cave in the back is connected to the front one.

The back is open. I suppose a necessity for access/play But looks a bit strange.

Above you can see the torch blinky-winky, right next to the (beautiful) doors.

The green entrance is pretty, but that gorgeous top with the fire completely steals the show . I suppose it would be hard to make it fit somewhere else, unfortunately.

The big green entrance has a smaller one on the side, which is a bit odd.

If we forget about the packing mess, the set is beautiful, but being system WHY, it is hard to reuse. And as a standalone... well... what is that supposed to be? I mean, it is kinda odd to have those fancy doors, when right next to it there's those huge open entrances... right? I think I just tend to overthink these.

All the stone with the green steps and the wood walkways (those are soooo pretty!) look really amazing.

And it is very well made, things work together and the result is beautiful.

As a longtime collector, and of all themes, I just always wish that EVERYTHING is expandable and customizable. It may be some form of disease, but there you have it.

Wouldn't it be amazing if these were Rockies? Can you imagine the potential?

One thing that I was left wondering about Berk... Where are the sheep? But more recently I had my answer: they all fled to those new sets coming later...

Now, that wonderful stone giant...

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Queen Tahra, April 2018

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