Of course there is a large (pun intended) issue here.

And so... finally, for the final test...

It can be disassembled!

Needed a screwdriver - but managed to split the two main parts - all the tabs are accessible for it - well done playmobil!

The doors are not attached, remember? So they fell off when I turned the structure upside down.

Same with the torch blinky-winky. I figured the system X connectors hadn't clicked properly, and I was right.

The parts are still gigantic, of course, but a bit more manageable this way. Or a bit less unmanageable.

Also needed the screwdriver for the catapult, but it did come off...

Now, returning to the beginning.. I had a feeling all the theme would fit in that cavernous box.. so I tried.

Initially, I just put everything in there, not much care needed (and please consider stuff was at least partially assembled - see above)..

So, only those beside the box left (obviously not an issue)... AND the dragons (plus riders).. But look at all the space in the box! Of course, I thought I'd have to remove the wings for them to fit... meh... Didn't much feel like it, especially because I usually have a real hard time putting the wings in the first place

But then decided I would do it, I would remove the wings and prove just how stupidly enormous this box is.

You are NOT gonna believe this - even the dragons fit. All THREE of them. WITH WINGS.

Yes, besides Berk itself, and the ship (only the mast is not attached)... and the catapult and ballista (assembled).. THREE FRACKING DRAGONS WITH WINGS fit in that box.

In that box are:

Am I the only one who finds this unacceptable?! It is beyond ridiculous! The waste! And again, though obviously I had to find a position for the dragons, it didn't take much messing to fit EVERYTHING there.

If all the sets were disassembled, I am quite sure we could just throw everything in there without any problem for it to fit.

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Queen Tahra, April 2018

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