This is another set that took a while to make the buy list... Probably because the ship is not viking like, and that second movie was not a favorite...

The ship is compatible with the underwater motor (as usual), but fortunately it is not included.

The box is huge. Two ships would probably fit fine in there.

There is a sturdy protection around the box...

As you can see (and this is a close up of an example), it was badly damaged by the parts banging away inside the huge box. Again, with a properly sized box, this would be minimized.

The sail comes in the instructions bag, properly backed by a thick card.

And... ... it is printed on both sides!!


There are only 2 projectiles for the ship's 2 ballistas, which I find insufficient for play. For me, that's fine, but for kids.. meh.

I suppose it looks better in "water"

Let's look at the ship next..

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Queen Tahra, April 2018

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