The ship is almost the same as the asian dragon ship...

I really like that spiked top on the mast... it is made of that rubberish thing - very soft.

And here is the sail on the other side, printed..

The (sort of) new system of attaching the mast rules. It stays securely in place and it is easy enough to remove.

I suppose the lack of ropes allows this. I think they look more detailed with the ropes, but I always hated doing them - besides being mostly hopeless with it ... Besides, they make putting stuff away much harder too.

Since this ship is nothing viking like, and will not be kept as such (plans exist), I didn't put the gorgeous sticker.

Same with the sail - I didn't punch the holes in the bottom, since it will not be used here.

The sail's top punchholes don't perfectly alight with the pegs on the mast. This is not usual. At all.

And good news: a cannon will fit fine instead of the ballista thing! Much better for what we plan with it!

The cage is a huge surprise. It is beautiful... amazing, but tiny... Well we all know ships and such are tiny when playmorendered (or 99.9% of people wouldn't be able to fit a couple home, right?), and so is the cage. It does have to fit in the ship (and it does, perfectly - as soon as you turn it in the right position! ).

And the locking mechanism is pure genious! An amazing little detail. You just push that little tab and it opens! Awesome work, playmobil!

And fully open..

With some cooperation, a terrible terror will fit..

Klickys next...

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Queen Tahra, April 2018

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