Now.. let's look at Hiccup..

I love him!

Apparently, like with Gobber, he had another hair initially. Here is a snapshot from playmobil's amazing video:

In this case, I prefer the final version.

Obviously the metal leg stands out. And it looks good for what it is... Great job. However, his other foot doesn't really look like a playmoleg somehow. Too thin and high, maybe? Yes, I believe that is the issue. The foot itself should be wider.

Ah, and that neckpiece... It's soooooo pretty!

Here is a view of his arms (very very nice) and the painted shoulder armor:

Unfortunately, mine is scratched - not a good thing for a brand new set. I hope I manage to get a couple of them.

Of course I immediately wonder about what's under the neckpiece .. so, here is the torso:

It's "polar brown" , and beautifully detailed. The buckles kinda diminish the reuse value, but it is nevertheless an amazing one!

The Dragon Blade (apparently aka Inferno) is an amazing item, ripe with potential for customs

Gorgeous, isn't it?

Hiccup's flightsuit and helmet are also new parts...

It is wonderfully executed, and he looks perfect wearing it with the helmet.

I believe this is the first time two hairs are included for a klicky (except hairdressers, but those are really not specific, and are also part of the "shop").

This poses somewhat of a problem, since klickys on playkingdoms do not have a change of hair. We'll see. I guess he will pass the helmet and flightsuit to someone else.. after all, he has Toothless.

Update: Berk's Air Force can be seen here!

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Queen Tahra, August 2017

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