I don't usually love those weird weapons.. but still.. this one is pretty cool

The multiballista rests atop a revolving platform on another wheeled one. So, he can basically shoot at everything. Though I am not very sure how it turns about.

Eret can use those levers to shoot the two middle ballistas. Those two are stationary. The end ones can not only rotate, but also move up and down.. that's a lot of movement!

As you can see, he can not have the sword sheated if he's manning the thing...

Note the nice cushion!

I think it is a shame that the platform doesn't have some means to be hitched in order to be moved. As you can see, there is nothing on the lower platform.

A note: if you have it fully loaded, and especially if Eret is holding the levers.. be careful messing with it. I accidentally fired a couple of the ballistas . No casualties.

Eret next!

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Queen Tahra, April 2018

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