So.. Eret.... I am not overly familiar with the character - I didn't much like the second movie.

But, the klicky is gorgeous.

So much going on there.. And plenty of novelties.

Let's start with the new face - besides nice, thick brows, he has a facial tattoo on his chin, but you can almost miss it...

Then, the hair... An amazing new style! I think it looks a bit odd in front, but.. I love it!

Then there is a new neckpiece, great for all kinds of ancient settings (well, modern too) - just one negative side (and no way around it) - not fit for female torsos, or fat guys

And (this does go on and on, doesn't it?) the belt is new too! With two pegs in the back (making for an expensive klicky)

Finally, here is what he's like under all that... Same boots as Astrid (I mean the sculpt, new color), and look at the gorgeous torso! (that stripe may have to go )

And here is an example of a custom with that torso, minus stripe (had this in mind as soon as I saw that torso):

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Queen Tahra, April 2018

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