1. Witch Doctor

Well, he makes a nice ancient civillian.... Mask for the african tribes, I guess. Minus yellow thingie

2. Headless Horseman

He looks kinda medievalish, but the pockets.... well.. wizards have pocketses, right? - so there.

The pumpkin will most likely end up either in the kitchen or a scarecrow. No pumpkinheads around here.

3. The Caretaker

The original beard really needs a long hair around it. Or a hood, maybe? Of course, it has a silly color that matches almost nothing, including the perfect hair for it. So, on hold.

However, the guy does make a really nice cowboy.

4. The Creeper

The jacket and torso are highly usable (though arms may be a problem), so, just something from the head...

And there, found a way for that neckpiece to actually be useful! I usually dislike them, because they cover the face, but this time, it works wonderfully to cover that weird mouth.

5. Snow Ghost

No way those original parts would be under that costume... and he does make another nice cowboy (even if he has some odd colors..)

So, figured another klicky for the suit - even managed to find matching shoes!

6. Carlotta

She makes a beautiful civilian... Well, she will make several... but this one for starters.

And the head - again, managed to hide the ugly mouth (another used neckpiece I don't usually like!)

7. Zen Tuo

First, almost original - not really happy with the hat, but couldn't think of anything better, so... room for improvement.

Then, from the other side of the head... when I noticed that "non-hair hairpiece" while looking for something else...

And an odd creature in black and white to match that weird head...

8. Indian Doctor

My original idea was to make an indian from the legs (easy-peasy), and then something else from the torso... But I couldn't find legs that went well with it, and in truth, the original looks really nice.. so... a white indian. There. When I went for a simple figure head to draft him with, saw that one with the orange band... Perfection!

9. Space Kook

Well, he's really a cowboy underneath. For some reason, he reminds me of Michael Landon..

And made a klicky to wear the suit... Matching blue, just sayin'

Also, that suit will be fine (as in perfectly normal) with a new "glass"..

10. Black Knight

Well, the grey knight got something black... And changed the head - duh.

11. Ghost Diver

Just replaced the head.

12. Ghost Clown

A medievalish unique hat on a clown? Not gonna happen. Looking for alternatives, I came across the jester hat in black.. well.. That works!

I wanted to use the old legs, but the suit wouldn't close properly That was a nasty surprise. So, decided to use some legs that are more common around here than the original ones... as the torso..

Queen Tahra, May 2020

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