(part 2/3)

5. Snow Ghost

A really interesting costume, in a beautiful color.

The klicky turns out to be a fat guy, in new colors

6. Carlotta

This one is the contender for the most beautiful in these series. As the with the zombie, I really like the eyes, but not the mouth.

The head peeking from the white has a whole lot of potential.. but I didn't get there yet.

The hat is beautiful in this color..

7. Zen Tuo

This one is really odd. Especially that head.

Having those shoes really doesn't work for me. For some reason, I can't see a boot or whatever. I see high heels. And on a man... I can't.

This is another head framed in white on the other side... Loads of potential..

8. Indian Doctor

He has beautiful colors.. a shame he's a speedo, since there are hardly any options for those.

And another strange head underneath...

The mask is the same mold as the witch doctor's (unfortunately, no yellow thingie ), and the tomahawk is new in this color, I think.

Queen Tahra, May 2020

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