First, the mandatory disclaimer:
I've been told I am sometimes harsh on my comments. Keep in mind I LOVE playmobil. It is GREAT. Without a doubt and by FAR, the GREATEST toy on the Universe. And also keep in mind that I've bought these (they are not sent for free for review!) - meaning, despite all the "problems" I point out, they are VERY MUCH WORTH IT. We ALL know playmobil rules, so I suppose I tend to point out the problems. There are only so many ways of saying AWESOME, right?

This series is made of some odd choices - most of these are in sets. In a way, good, since there are loads of interesting parts, and most of the sets are not really on the buy list (no space )

All the figures have double faces, except for the main characters. Those are really strange in the series. They stand out, as "not like the others".

I am no Scooby-Doo fan, so, no idea about the accuracy of the depicted characters. As with series 1, the idea is that these are people masked as ghosts and such. Except for the main characters, I suppose?

The pack..

And leaflet...

This series includes stickers... Though unlike the first batch, the sets did not

I actually had no idea of the characters' surnames. Learn and live, right?

There are ghost cards as usual, except for the main characters...

Odd - the names of some of the characters are different from the ones in the sets... Though MOST of the images are the same. Confusing.

As with the first series, no rubberbands or extra bags.

There were these extras - including an extra booklet. I THINK this is the first time this happens.

I suppose the wolfman head is the best one .

And there was this odd black bit with a Mummy:

Unfortunately, there were probelms... Missing a back skirt from a Mummy (making the front useless, right?) and the sticker from a Skunkbeard. These are getting to be common

A note on this official pic from the site:

I did wonder for a moment if there was a new sculpt for the scroll.. and what was the thing the mummy had. Until I looked better at the polesword (or whatever that is called ) and realized this is just a huge photo editing mess. It does make one wonder if anybody looks at these.

Well, you know how it works: follow all the pages to see everything, or use these shortcuts for a specific figure:


Queen Tahra, July 2021

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