2. Daphne Blake

This was always the plan for that torso.

4. Fred Jones

Just a regular city klicky - had to use the torso and arms!

5. Wolfman

REALLY didn't like the green jacket and the torso on him. Not overly fond of the ragged pants either, but can't do anything about it, what with the printed blue feet. After attempting to use Dapper Jack's arms, I remembered these ones. Much better!

6. Ghost Of Witch McCoy

Almost original - just a different head and hair. There may be specific (LONG in the works) plans for that white hair.

7. Ghost Girl

She was the hardest... A mermaid, a forest ghost and a lady.. Lots of potential there!

8. Dracula

Just a different hair - a must!

9. Captain Skunkbeard

Another forest ghost - using skeleton arms on both sides

10. Ghost Of The Black Samurai

Original - just added the sword holder in the back and a dagger.

11. Mummy

Besides the notch showing, didn't really like the headdress on him - or the huge neckpiece, covering so much of that gorgeous torso.. So, a couple of simpler versions. I am really happy with these

12. Ghost Of Dapper Jack Rogers

Thought it would be more interesting to do a woman

Queen Tahra, July 2021

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