(part 1/3)

1. Shaggy Rogers

Shaggy with no diapers (see the original below!) and an eye patch... Great!

He has a belt with a nice pouch - always welcome.

The mop is great! Not sure it's really a new part, but there wasn't one of those around here, so...

He is very close to the original...

It was decided Shaggy would leave his diapers, and keep these legs instead (not truly a kept). Not very common to change existing klickys, but those diapers never made any sense (well.. they never do, I guess - everyone knows by now I strongly dislike the things ).

2. Daphne Blake

Pretty parts. Must be a reference to some episode, I suppose.

She has a speedo belt, in purple. WHY? They do know there are belts for normal klickys, right?

The map may be new? At least I don't remember it.

She is quite different from the original - we make a point of NOT keeping versions of the same character...

3. Velma Dinkley

She's a beautiful klicky, gorgeous parts.

The red scarf is great, and the hat is really nice too (a very uncommon mold, that has been apparently unearthed recently )

That pamphlet must be new... I think.

Like Shaggy, she is really close to the first one...

4. Fred Jones

No idea what's with him... must make sense for an episode...

I do like the torso and arms.

He is also close to the original - but the hair is a humongous improvement!

Queen Tahra, July 2021

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