(part 2/3)

5. Wolfman

He's really cute (no idea why he's blue).

The face is great - though I wish he'd look happier.

The colors are.. odd, imo. The torso is pretty, same print as the Witch Doctor from Series 1.

The double face... most look like this - not great, because it makes little sense with hair, I think. In this case, irrelevant, since it is doubtful it will ever see the light of day

Donuts always welcome!

6. Ghost Of Witch McCoy

the best! The klicky is gorgeous, and the hair... well.

The best part of all the series, I think.

Unfortunately, the (beautiful) hair doesn't consider the double face - the "notch" can be visible - not good.

I thought she was the same as in the set (and was really happy anyway, because multiples are very welcome), but...

Set on the right - much darker. And with heels. And a slightly different head print!

Also, the set's ghost card identifies her as "Zeb Witch" - and even the image is different?!

7. Ghost Girl

An interesting klicky - though the colors kinda clash..

I love the indian hair in an odd color

She has a new attachment thingie in the hair, I believe:

The head is grey, and pretty...

She is slightly different from the set woman - at least the hair is a different color, I think.

8. Dracula

A nice unusual vampire - but existing (same as the set). Grey parts are always welcome. Especially with white hands

I find that cape weird, needing the neckpiece like that.

Unfortunately, the head hair slot can be seen - it's amazing people don't notice this when selecting hair for the figures.

The broken mirror is a really nice touch

Queen Tahra, July 2021

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