(part 3/3)

9. Captain Skunkbeard

Skunkbeard!? Good thing klickys have no noses!

He's gorgeous - and I think the hair may be new - with the purple headband, I mean . Though the green hands make it harder to reuse the (beautiful!) unusually dark red torso.

One of the arms has a bone printed! A nice detail

As to the alternative face... If that red square around his mouth is supposed to be a little moustache and beard... fail. Lousy print too.

This guy also has a fake beard - but this time it's black, and so there is no lack of matching hairs. When it first appeared, in series 1 (The Caretaker), its unique color prevented my idea

10. Ghost Of The Black Samurai

He strongly reminds me of Mumm-Ra, THE EVER LIVING... (from Thundercats).

A shame they didn't include a holder for his sword in the back, considering the peg IS there... I can never use the scabbard in that waist armor for anything except daggers

I like the face, and also the leg print (though the sculpt is not a favorite).

Same sort of alternate head, asian version..

This scroll may be new as well?

11. Mummy

He is interesting, unusual. I find the slippers kinda silly - but that could be me

A shame a klicky in true speedos wasn't selected - the shorts can be seen peeking under the skirt.

He has printing on the sides as well - and different on each one :

This was probably the klicky that surprised me the most - much better than in the images!

That egyptian headdress is also a poor choice for a double head:

12. Ghost Of Dapper Jack Rogers

A ghost cowboy, I suppose...

The torso will be perfect for a forest ghost or so. I really like it. And I love the head. And the hair (not that it's new, but it's a great choice)

Instead of having a gun belt (impossible with the jacket), he has the holsters printed on the legs. Unfortunately, the way they're done make him look like a four year old in a costume. That said, not sure how this could be pulled off...

This is another side that will likely not see the light of day, considering how amazing that skull-ish head is

The spurs and guns are brightish green - very unusual. I do like them, no idea what for... Do we need a ghost cowboy?!

Queen Tahra, July 2021

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