Many regions in middle Europe remained unsafe during its turn from Feudalism to Imperialism. Robber barons and their retainers endangered villages and travelers.

Because of that the knight of Ord was appointed by the German Emperor to erect a stronghold to secure the trading routes in Franconia. Farmers gathered in a small village around the safe shadows of the tower. The village became known as "Ord on the hill/ Ord auf dem Berg".

In the following centuries more and more farmers and noble families settled in Ordenberg, creating a metropolis that would withstand all comparisons with the city of Nuremberg.

The scene is set at the turn of the 15th Century. Ordenberg has been appointed by the Emperor to become one of his palaces and its people are awaiting the Emperor for a splendid feast day. The most important orders have sent their ambassadors to welcome the royal guests in the Emperor's castle.

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General view of the city [Large]

   Construction and Gate

Ordenberg's Market [Large]

   Town Hall
   Sellers 1
   Sellers 2

Ordenberg's Town Hall [Large]


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