25 December 
02 December 
31 October 
04 October World Animal Day
15 September 
Added an old (and quite lacking) dio to the Museum: Romanish Fort (2013)
26 August 
Figures 14 review added in the Library!
14 June 
25 April 
22 April 
Added 9244 - Drago's Ship review on the Dragons - How To Train Your Dragon section in the Library. Berk next.
14 April 
Finally resumed the Dragons - How To Train Your Dragon reviews in the Library: 9249 - Eret with Multiballista
Two more to go.
01 April 
The Trolls added to the expanding One Of A Kind section in the Museum.
29 March 
New Viessmann Promos added to the Library
05 March 
Finally: Figures 13 review added!
07 February 
Added to the One Of A Kind section in the Museum: Spartacus (ok, in reality, Gannicus and Saxa!)
01 January 

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