Back in 2012 we got set for two Guns N' Roses concerts at the O2 in London.

Erika had said a bunch of times I should take a klicky along when I go somewhere. Since we were both going for Axl, we figured that was the right moment. When we were little, we used to take a couple of them loads of times. I took the blue cowboy (from 3484), Boomer. And she took Click, his brother (the black chimney sweep from 3316), who had joined the cowboys on the spot. We have them since 84... First Boomer, then Click.

Boomer was named after the Battlestar Galactica warrior - the REAL Galactica, and the REAL Boomer - played by Herbert Jefferson Jr. Click was sort of named after wis "wife", Clack (the Famobil boxes referred to male and female klickys as "clicks" and "clacks")

Anyways, it was UNTHINKABLE to take them along... What if something happened... Not that we want anything to happen to any klicky.. But those are among our first 50 ones.. (animals included).

So, we decided we'd do one for the occasion. We figured he should be a recent one, a guy. Decided against two, since it would be harder to manage. Our first idea was to do someone with no-hat hair and a fixed neckpiece... but thinking about it later, I thought maybe he should have normal klicky hair (the classic triangle cut - we're both quite fond of it), and a bare neck. That way we could always use something to "dress" him with . I thought maybe we could use a FIGURE head and frame, but she thought it was a bad idea, since he might pop easily. So we gave up on it.

As to the colors, that was pretty much settled - black and blue, honoring his "ancestors"... And the name... I told her it should somehow be close to theirs.. and she immediately said the name I had thought of - great minds think alike! - Boomer Click.

Though initially we thought to give him black or brown hair, in the end we went for blonde. Like Boomer AND Click.

Blue jeans with red sneakers (both Boomer and Click had the usual red cowboy neckerchief)... so a black torso.. and longsleeves... We poked in the poptub for black torsos...

Anyways, here he is: Boomer Click, with Boomer and Click.

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