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Since this is a bit off regarding the review, decided to make a separate page... I wasn't going to install it, but I was curious. Also, I assume this will not last, and for the sake of playmohistory, decided to include the screencaps too. We can revisit them long after the app is gone, probably. I wonder if they will make a new app for the next series (new as in updated content, because the functionality is there, even if it is tweaked ).

Full disclosure: I am NOT an "app person". I am quite hopeless with the phone (took me forever to figure out how to do a screencap on the darn phone). But there. It's playmobil, so I tried it.

Anyway, you can collect the figures on the app too.

Though you are asked for a name, the first figure you "open" seems to stay as your avatar. I got the "Woman in Red". Not happy news

The figures in your collection are initially locked, like this - beside each figure there are three "items" (note to playmobil: dogs are NOT items!):

To unlock new figures, you can choose "packs" or "figure".

The most obvious is the "figure" - enter the codes on the leaflets to "open" a new one. BTW, if you have no internet connection, it reports the code as invalid... a bit sloppy error management, I suppose. You can also get an "item" (note to playmobil: dogs are NOT items!) or "coins" instead of a figure (for repeats, maybe?), getting you 100.

Which brings us to "packs", where you can purchase other figures with these coins. AFAIK, you can not actually buy anything with real money (a fact my wallet is thankful for ).

The figures are listed alphabetically in english - order is the same even if you change the language (english, german, french) - at least for me, could be it's in the first used language... I was surprised that "Woman In Red" is the same in german (I was expecting Rotkäppchen = Red Riding Hood). The mistakes are not present in german though, as far as I could tell. No "SWAT Women", or "Fire Man".

When you have a figure unlocked, there is supposed to be a "signature move" for each one. They have little animations and sounds (had to turn the "music" off, it was annoying) - except... the merman and the detective and the fireman and the ice hockey player... apparently their animation was forgotten.

Do note that the cartoonist drawing is upside down in the app as well. IMO, anyways.

I suppose it can be entertaining for a short time - if you are a fanatic. Other than that.. Maybe of some interest for young kids? Then again, it's arguable that kids should be playing with the phone instead of klickys - imo, of course.

Unless you have the codes, good luck getting a figure. This would work way better if figures could be traded with other users... there may be limitations to those functionalities, being an app (also) for kids... I don't know.

As far as I could tell, completing the collection on the app does... nothing.

On the plus side, they do have names for the figures... Of course I only saw this after I named them here, so... Some do match Some are just silly, imo. And some better - I adopted the "Jewel Robber", instead of just "Robber" I had before.

Unfortunately, this was clearly done by someone who never messed with the figures. And not approved by someone who did. Accessories listed include the dog (note to playmobil: dogs are NOT items!). And then odd ones: printed stuff, like glasses or the spa mask.. body parts, like the torso and skirt and.. boot(s)/shoes. IMO, makes no sense at all. Or it could be me.

Finally, here is a list of the names in the app and their items:

Figure Items
Bee Girlhair + wings + flowers
Cartoonisthair attachments + sheet + pencil
Cowboyhat + violin bow + violin
Deer Girlhorns + bow + dress
Detectiveglasses + pad + shoes
Figure Skatertrophy + dress + shoes
Fire Manhelmet + gloves + hose thing
Gladiatorhelmet + sword + shield
Haka Dancerheadband + axe + spear
Ice Hockey Playerhelmet + stick + leg protectors
Inuithat + vest + dog*
Jewel Robbermask + bag + machine gun
Judgeglasses + bell + gavel
Knighthelmet + sword + shield
Ocean Princessbracelet + scepter + skirt
Ocean Warriorhelmet + bracers + trident
Pirate Captainhat + sword + boot
Pizza Bakerhat + pizza box + pizza
Sailorhat + monocular + shoes
Spa Visitorheadband + mask + brush
SWAT Womenpistol + pistol + vest
Vampire Huntresshat + rifle + boots
Woman In Redhat + cape + basket
Zombiehair + big eye + tray with glass

* note to playmobil: dogs are NOT items!

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Queen Tahra, August 2022

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