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Since the last series I was wondering what would happen with the app, since something would have to be done, to support a new series.

Eventually, I realized I had to update it (I am not the sharpest tool in the box when it comes to this stuff!)...

So.... the app was updated... And the icon changed (not for the better, imo, but I guess that is just preference ).

Initially, I still had the red riding hood - no idea why, and I hate that I can't pick - but the user avatar on top is the new S23 princess - WHY!?

AFAIK, you can't change anything there... there should be an option to choose the avatar you want (not that'd make a REAL difference, but it would be nice )

When you click on the coin on top, some helpful info... However, I think an easier way to get gold is the silly game. More on that later.

Next there's the settings (useful - as before, the music can get annoying quickly).

If you click on the shop, you get the same options - though now for both series... Wait.... SEASONS?! Who translated this? The same people (or a lame auto translator?) that do the portuguese official site? Because these were always SERIES, not SEASONS. Ridiculous. Major fail. Except in german, of course.

Also as before, you can enter the code from the leaflet to get the figure....

Besides the figure from the code (yellow pack), you can also open the daily pack (blue) or purchase a basic pack (green).

The figures are displayed with the items on a very bland highschool background - ridiculous for most figures. Note that whereas the figures in series 22 had 3 items (note to playmobil: dogs are NOT items), these vary from one to three (note to playmobil: animals are NOT items). The items themselves are still weird, including belts and prints...

Besides the figures, we can also get items (note to playmobil: animals are NOT items), coins, or "boosters" for the game (more on that later)...

As you can see, the image quality varies wildly, and some images (like that coin) are downright crappy.

If we have the item/figure already, we get 100 coins - per item. Which makes this very uneven, since some figures only have one item, and then we get 100, and others have three, and so we get 300. In a way, it IS fitting, since some figures are very light in accessories compared to others... that has been a recurring issue, and very obvious in this series. Note to playmobil: animals are NOT items.

Then there is the Collections option. That button shows.... tshirts... ... because... ... well... no idea . And I even have a LOT of tshirts! A very poor choice.

Anyways, here we can scroll both series..

Initially, the figures are locked... showing the figure and the items on top (note to playmobil: animals are NOT items). However, I don't understand the difference here - if you click on the locked figure, you get the same result.

The previous series' figures are also shown (with that same background) - names were not fixed, btw.

And the new series:

Clicking on an item gets you an "item enlarge"... Note to playmobil: animals are NOT items!!

Very odd. And... wrong. The viking's sword is a common one. The thing depicted, if we translate to playmo must be a roman gladius (with a rubber band?) (note to playmobil: animals are NOT items)

Now, that mysterious "make hero" button on each figure makes the figure appear on the main screen... But NOT as your avatar. Odd.

Then there's the game... a not very good version of the matching games...

So, first select the "power-ups" if available.. and then have at it!

I didn't fully understand this, and being a timed version, I managed much greater scores just tapping wildly at random.

In the end of the game you get a score (note the old avatar from S22 ) and then the coins rain on your "hero" when you collect.

This game is a much easier way to get the money. This time I managed to actually buy the missing figure (thanks to a mess up in the codes included I was missing the Engineer)...

However, best not let the coins linger.. once I didn't buy immediately, and the next day my money was gone!

As the previous version, I really don't see the point of this. You can't do anything. That said... it did keep me entertained and busy for a while, right? (what does that say of me? I am a hopeless playmonut. But that is hardly news. )

Unfortunately, the game is not really pretty, besides apparently requiring just the random tapping (or it could be me, of course). I'd prefer a more... strategic approach.

I guess this model will support whatever future series (great solution, just not overly well implemented, imo) - we'll see if there's any update next time.

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Queen Tahra, April 2023

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