I was on the fence about getting all of these, since we do have all the previous ones (and some a few times ).. But.. well.. we should support the theme and all ...

So, here we go...

So, after all the sets... some final thoughts...

As a whole, again we get mostly fighters. A shame that.

For someone that has the full egyptian and roman lines from a few years ago, the romans don't really add much - a ballista, new shields, and one klicky. And small differences in the ship. As for the others... it's not that they aren't nice, it's just that they are the exact same ones from the previous batch. Right down to hair and accessories. Well, except Caesar, Julius Caesar.

Not only these are all "repeats" from previous versions, they are also all alike in THIS batch - these are all the romans in the sets:

See a pattern!? I find this really really unacceptable.

Though "functionally" there isn't much in the way of novelties in the egyptians either, the new klickys are really REALLY beautiful. And they also have a new ballista thing, and the pyramid is different. Also the offensive spikes for the camel saddle makes a difference, I think.

The egyptian soldiers also show a bit of a tendency to twinning (What? It's a word. Now.), and the "chaperone" is also a repeat.

This time the egyptians had their ship (6486), sphinx (6484) and house (6485) relegated to DS Add-Ons.

Final veredict: buy all the egyptians! And if you need more romans, buy these as well! Actually.. of COURSE you need more romans!

Queen Tahra, October 2016

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