Another license for playmobil... I have some recollections of the cartoons...

The klickys are recognizable, which is great ... however, I don't remember Shaggy wearing diapers... A long shirt, yes. Full diapers, no. Looks horrid, though the colors are spot on, and so I suppose you can still see him..

This time, instead of a manageable sticker album like they did for The Movie and the Everdreamerz, someone had the bright idea to do a poster.

Figuring that was not hard enough to handle, they went the distance - why not make the sticker spots on the folds? Yes! There is no way anyone will be able to figure THAT one out. So there you have it. Unless you want to keep that thing open (NOT gonna happen - I have enough pretty playmobil posters alone to plaster all the walls twice over, most likely - not even going into NON-playmo posters), there is no way you can use it. I would LOVE to know the reasoning behind this. Really.

That centerfold is gorgeous (though a bit misleading - there is no way you can shove four klickys in there!)

Anyways, to start, just a couple of sets - the van with 3 of the main characters, and another small one with Scooby, Shaggy and a really weird ghost. And a surprise series - since it's marked "Series 1", my poor wallet fears that a "Series 2" will follow..

To complete the poster, if you are so inclined, you need those two sets and the Surprise Series 1. Makes one wonder if there will be a different poster for series 2 and the bunch of sets already announced...

So, these are the first batch of sets:

There were a couple more batches of sets, featuring some ghostly klickys, and later series 2...

Strangely, this second surprise series features the klickys from the earlier sets, while the sets released more recently feature the ones from series 1.

Though it is not usual to change existing klickys, Shaggy's diapers were replaced with the legs from the Surprise series 2... So, here is the updated gang:

Queen Tahra, May 2020

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