I couldn't wait to see them since I heard about them!

I had whined for them for a long time (I will now concentrate on whining about greeks/romans).

FINALLY they are here. The Vikings have arrived!

I think this must be the best theme I got my hands on... I always loved the (once) lonely 4519 - Viking Warrior special. The 4540 - Viking that followed was by no means close to him.

Now it's a different matter. These new vikings are gorgeous from head (well, horned helmet) to toe (or should I say to their GORGEOUS boots?).

Though they were supposed to be released this month (January 2002), they showed up in December in some German stores.

This first batch was made of 4 sets:
     3155 - Nessie
     3156 - Viking Rowboat
     3157 - Viking Tent
     3158 - Viking Leader

Another special is supposed to be released in February: 4599 - Erik the Viking

And more is promised for September:
     3150 - Drakkar
     3151 - Viking Camp
     3152 - Viking Loot Wagon
     3253 - Viking Battering Ram
     3154 - Viking Throne

Most of the guys are really new, with unusual colors, and new painted designs (only one of the fat guys looks kinda familiar). The boots are simply GORGEOUS, as is the fur some have around the neck.

There is also a new kind of beard, with a long mustache.

New beard, chainmail hood, helmet and hat

Some warriors have extra protection (at a price): a chainmail hood replaces their hair, making them more unique (a good item for medieval knights as well!).

The novelty list goes on: there's a helmet and a hat that now make their appearance.

The new shield comes with a sticker.
There are also new round shields, which look much better on the vikings than the older ones (like the first warrior had).
These, however beautiful are a bit of a disappointment, since they come with a sticker, instead of painted. At least it's one of those hard stickers, which makes the task much easier (especially if you have someone's lack of ability with stickers). So, since they come with stickers, we might as well make the best of it. It allows us to color the repeat ones ourselves, I guess. And I anticipate a large amount of repeat viking sets in my collection, in time.

The new scabbard

The new scabbard (already available in two colors) reminds me of the 4554 - Ninja one, but with an extra hanging spot. On it goes a new piece, that allows the warrior to carry his bow, arrows, or axe, while he moves on to his next adventure.

Though at first look it seems fixed by the fur around the guy's neck, it can be removed (ok, it was by accident, but the point stands).

The axe seems to be a bit heavy on it, and tends to go to an horizontal position.

A really lovely piece actually, with lots of potential to be added to other themes as well.

Another obvious novelty is Nessie (3155). She's just great, and comes with a weight (with our beloved System X connectors), so I assume she'll float - and since it has a place to attach the usual underwater motor (not included), she should be able to move too.

I'm happy that the motor is not in the set, since it would make it more expensive, and personally I have enough of those, that I used... once, I think.

Nessie's body is rubbery on top, and she has an opening mouth - my bitchy didn't like her at all.

A bad point in this set is the rock, which has two uncovered holes. What happened to that hole-covering tiny rock?

Well, I think these sets are a MUST for anyone who loves the little guys, and I look forward to September (and beyond!).

Queen Tahra, January 2002

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