The super 4 sets first appeared in 2015, following the tv series "inspired by playmobil". Unfortunately, there is no proper dvd release . For some reason, someone thinks it is acceptable to release a couple of dvds with a few eps each (this is a good moment to keep in mind each ep is like 11 mikes or so) . Anyways, unfortunately, since they don't want my money, I only saw some eps, in a mix of french, english, and portuguese .

About the sets - a longer comment later. For now, I'll just say the promised new bodies sounded like trouble, and the reality was even worse. The main characters are all new body types, weirdly made, and adding basically nothing - except incompatibility with all the others . This was made worse by how GREAT they could have been. I mean, the heads are AMAZING! Can you imagine being able to use the fairies heads (with their great gorgeous hairsculpts) in any customs?

With these came also fixed hairsculpts. IF the heads were normal, I suppose that wouldn't be a problem. Like this, another big loss. Fortunately, Ruby and Alex's hairs are normal (even if the heads aren't), and most other klickys are normal ones.

Eventually, I will put the reviews of (part of) the first batch of sets here.

  • 4796 - Camouflage Pirate Fort with Ruby
  • 4798 - Sharkbeard
  • 6687 - Lost Island with Alien and Raptor
  • 6688 - Musical Flower Tower with Twinkle
  • 6689 - Lorella
  • 6690 - Dr X
  • 6692 - Techno Chameleon with Gene
  • 6695 - Royal Tribune with Alex
  • 6696 - Rypan
  • 6698 - Sir Ulf
  • 6699 - Princess Leonora

In February 2017, a second batch appeared, including fewer sets.

In a disturbing move, Twinkle was not included on any set . That is awful for the principle of the thing, and the message it may send to all kids (especially) who have the fairy as their favorite character.

For collectors, the greater loss is the amazing possibilities there could be - so many gorgeous fairies to choose from (my wallet approved the choice though ).

From these new sets, again, not all made the buy list...

The Technopolis thing look mostly weird, so pass.

A bit of a shame about the Chameleon - but we do have the first one. Besides, the new one comes off as kinda odd to be something else: too modern to be something like steampunk, and too ancient looking for space...

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