So.. LAF...

Here are the links for the official site, and, more important, the playmosection.

I first saw these on the PCC... ages ago (around October 2013), when they first appeared.

There wasn't so much variety then... The only ones I COULD be interested in were the klickys. The heads are just creepy (I find the idea somewhat morbid), and the smaller ones with odd tumors are far too expensive to require complicated surgery.

My priceless jewel

They were expensive as Tartarus... and a few hours indecision made the call - sold out.

So... I forgot about them. With regret.

But some months later, on THAT site, I see a pic of a spanish jewel store window with them. I sent the poster a message, and he kindly gave me the contact of the store: Sydney A. Solera...

I immediately asked the store about them, and was told they were "very limited", and only had like "two boys and one girl", and would be on the site soon...

NEVER before have I kept tabs on such a store before - my priceless "jewel" is a dagger pierced skull on a string (aka "caveirosa"), bought in a street vendor AGES ago (and this is my second, after the first one broke) for like 2 eur.

Anyways, it was a both or none thing for me. I wanted both klickys, or I'd buy none. Eventually, when I got home, there they were. ONE OF EACH AVAILABLE. MINE.

Everything went fine with the order, the store was quick to respond and ship, everything perfect. A few days later, they were in my grabby hands!

Both boxes are the same, somewhat on the sturdy side, and pretty blue:

Opening them, the klickys are well wrapped up and cushioned in a nice paper:

Each klicky brought a tag..

The underside of the box:

And the klickys... They are predictably heavy.

They are quite far from playmoperfect. The heads are a bit small, and they are a bit.. square (especially the woman).

As you can see, the size is somewhat off...

And disappointingly, the arms move together. THAT I did not expect.

The heads are better suited for kids hats:

Still.. they are great klickys and I'm quite happy with them. They fit well in the fairies/rabbits/gods/etc tub, where they have resided since.

They were a part of the Xmasy dio 2015 - a slice of town, posing as interesting statues:

Queen Tahra, February 2016

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