Here's my attempt to create a bank building for the Western city, by taking two distressed Sheriff's offices (#3423) and putting them together. I created a new sign and used rubber cement to glue it over the old one. I also made two roof supports out of 1/8" square plastic cylinders from a local hobby store, and painted them to match the bank's exterior.

Picture 1 shows the exterior front of the bank.

Notice the sign, and the two posts. Sheriff John Law is peering into the bank's interior, while Belle Saar Ringing goes out shopping. (She's not looking for trouble; people looking for trouble find her.)

Chinese laundry man Coo Lee is taking his cat Mousey Dung to the doctor; the poor baby has a tummy ache.

Linda Hand is on the balcony, peering in the doctor's window as he treats her father.

Picture 2 shows the exterior rear of the bank.

Notice that the windows of the cashier's cage, front and back, are not removable.

Picture 3 shows the interior of the bank.

On the left, banker Avery Richman is turning down the loan application of Bat Guano. Applicants who put down "Bank Robber" as their profession are not popular with the Fiduciary. Bat actually came in to make an unsupported withdrawal, but the presence of the sheriff peering in the window is discouraging him.

In the cashier's cage (formerly the jail cell), teller Bill Changer is accepting a deposit from Indian warrior Higher Water.

Picture 4 shows the interior of the doctor's office upstairs.

Doc Halfaday is treating professional gambler Pat Hand, who was slightly injured in a discussion of a recent poker hand.

His girl-friend Ada Hartz, a saloon hostess (NOT dance hall girl! thank you very much) looks on. Ada's decolletage is also a customization.

Pictures and text by Count Conrad, August 2003

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